Welcome to the NECC Library Learning Tools BYOL Smackdown!

from the National Educational Computing Conference in Washington, D.C., June 28 - July 1, 2009
BEM03 LibraryLearningToolsSmackdown: A Sharing Session for Teacher-Librarians
Monday, 6/29/2009, 12:30pm–1:30pm WWCC 151 A
No sitting on the ropes! You will need to participate!

Joyce Valenza, Cathy Jo Nelson, Karen Kliegman, Wendy Stephens, and Keisa Williams invite you to share your best library-tech finds in a number of categories.
Paul Wood is our official, moderating and keeping time.
Bridget Belardi is managing the "cover-it-live" and the twitter stream, which will be posted here on the home page later.
Angenine Goode, an audience member will share a recording from a flip camera which will be posted below.

Teacher-librarian practitioners will share their ideas relating to effective practice in use of 2.0 tools to deliver the mission envisioned in our new standards document, a mission that resonates well with ISTE's NETS*S. The tools have multiplied dramatically in the past year and this sharing session will help us all better understand thoughtful and engaging strategies for integration. We will update this wiki during and after the session to share with the larger community.

During the session, participants will be able to assess and comment on demonstrated tools via polls.
Participants will also add their own "most effective tools" to the session wiki during the first part of the presentation.
Categories will include:
1. Digital Storytelling
2. Reading Promotion
3. Information fluency
4. Digital citizenship
5. Other really good stuff

Thanks to Bridget Belardi for live streaming

Thanks to Angenine Goode, we have a quick and dirty copy of the presentation.

This video is archived using the Internet Archive. I highly suggest you use this as one of the places to store your videos. So far, it is not blocked by my district. -Keisa