Book and Reading Promotion

21st Century Book Reports

Our students selected a favorite book that they had read and wrote a brief "commercial" or book review. This was then recorded in Voicethread and posted on our Library Website. Here's an example of one of the classes:

Tina Tomczak and Margie McMahon
Marshall Elementary School
Wexford (Pittsburgh), PA

ALA's "READ" Image Generator
Create your own mini-READ poster to post on your school library blog or wiki. Have students and staff hold their favorite book.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

CrazyTalk Booktalks

Find more videos like this on TeacherLibrarianNetwork

Google Forms for Book Recommendations

Make your wiki interactive by embedding a Google Form Template. Your results are in the form of a spreadsheet.

Book Trailers

Students will LOVE this alternative to the traditional booktalk format. These book trailers get kids excited about reading books in the same way that watching movie trailers makes you want to see a new movie.
Embed them on your library website or wiki.

Get in tune with your patrons wants and needs. Create a digital "Suggestion box" on your library media center home page using Google Forms.
See this example.

Digital Frames

Put Digital Frames to use in your media center. Easily create these with images or PowerPoints saved as images. Ideas for use include:
Picture source
Picture source

  • Author study
  • Announcements, remninders, and events coming up
  • Silent book promotion (image cover and key elements in picture format from story)
  • Use to teach presentation zen by forcing storytelling with just pictures
Thanks to LMS Caylen Whitesides of York Comprehensive High School in York, SC for sharing these ideas at SC Edtech, 2008

MP3 Madness
Use an mp3 player for recording students & teachers booktalking, sharing their own stories, or sharing research projects by recording them for play on MP3 players. Get a set for the media center and allow students to check out. Ideas for use include:
  • Use them for guides - record lectures or class notes to be made available in the media center for student checkout. Foreign
    Image: 'Olympus WS-300M'
    Image: 'Olympus WS-300M'
    language teachers can record students with fluency drills to be made availabe for other students to listen and practice fluency
  • Record booktalks by students and teachers, and make these available for students to listen to in the media center as a method of selecting a book.
  • Create a walking tour of the media center or even the building, and allow students unfamilair with the library to handle them for a self paced, self guided tour. (Thes could be created by students for students, or by professional staff.)
  • Make a book guide or set of discussion topics to match a book for a book club.
  • Download recordings from UNited Streaming (famous speeches, etc.) for students to use in academic research - primary source.
  • Audiobooks
Thanks to LMS Deborah Belue of O.P. Earle Elementary School for sharing this at the Upstate Technology Conference, June 2009