Digital Storytelling


5 Card Flickr

Promote visual thinking by playing Five Card Flicker, a Web 2.0 version of the Five Card Nancy game.
Let Me Do It by Keisa Williams

PowerPoint Storytelling

By the time they high school, our students are PowerPoint pros. This group project for Spanish class demonstrates how, by losing the bullet points and insisting on a little creativity, the most ubiquitous of student hardware, the camera phone, can be used to create an interesting, grammatically correct story using the slideshow software.

Digital Comic Creation

Bitstrips like these can demonstrate student comprehension of characterization and plot for any piece of literature, as well as reinforcing the visual literacy conventions which underpin comics.



GCast(no longer by phone)

Dial-A-Story Idea

Monarch Library Dial-A-Story Line

  • Create a line for Dial-A-Story from the schools phone line. Call in after school hours to hear the story.
    • (Ex. Press 1 for the storyline in English, Press 2 for the storyline in Spanish)
  • Invite anyone from the school staff, parents, or students to read.

Images + Audio


Animoto for Education


Found Documentaries

Having students use Microsoft MovieMaker to create "found" documentaries related to subject content which test students' content comprehension, technical skills, and media literacy. This is a "found" documentary produced by one of Wendy's students in a single class period to describe the potential of stem cells and the controversy surrounding research in that area.

Flip Video Camera
Use a Flip Video Camera

Bring your 1.0 Puppet Show to a global audience.

See Lasell College's Guidelines for Creating a Digital Story (PDF)
See Dean Shareski's Film School for Video Podcasters (K12 online presentation)
(Note: I prefer the Flip Ultra HD because it takes regular AA batteries. No need to worry about charging.)
(Note: I prefer the Flip Mino which recharges via USB so I don't have to buy batteries!)

Primary Access Movie Maker



Students can create text to voice digital animated stories using this web 2.0 tool. Here is an example from one of Karen's 5th grade research classes:


Use an AVATAR from GIZMOZ to create a digital story!

From Survivor M.D. Project on health and body systems. Students
were "doctors" who had to diagnose a "patient".
From Explorer Research Project: students created
explorer avatars to introduce themselves on an explorer
history ning.

Don't forget about PowerPoint! Using slides like keyframes can produce some surprisingly sophisticated animtation results. Check out this PowerPoint shared via Kathy Schrock:

Other Story Forms


A student uses a PhotoPeach slideshow to present research about koala bears. (via Melissa Techman, Twitter-@mtechman)
Koala Bears by Clare on PhotoPeach

More Resources

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