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21st Century Information Fluency- Full Circle:

This is an amazing, comprehensive site, covers every aspect of information fluency! Includes: Resource Kit contents (which include curriculum, links, workshops, interactives, and indices that categorize all site content by information fluency competency and ISTE-NETS). Teacher-Librarians MUST check this site out.

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Information Literacy Assessment

  • TRAILS "TRAILS is a knowledge assessment with multiple-choice questions targeting a variety of information literacy skills based on sixth and ninth grade standards. This Web-based system was developed to provide an easily accessible and flexible tool for library media specialists and teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses in the information-seeking skills of their students."

Library Games
Information Literacy Game

Online Info Lit Game that you may alter to fit your library. (Categories: Choose Your Resource, Searching/Using Databases, Cite Your Sources/Avoid Plagiarism, Library Wild Card) I would LOVE to see someone make a version of this game for upper elementary students.

Information Literacy WebQuests/Lessons

  • Flying High With Research A webquest to review information literacy skills for upper elementary students. Student "pilots" earn their "research wings" by completing a series of activities (including using the OPAC, navigating electronic databases, using the Internet safely, evaluating websites, note-taking and the Big 6).
  • How to Do Research (Kentucky Virtual Library): "The site guides your [elementary] students through the process of researching. It includes media, such as books, magazines & newspaper articles as well as websites. This website is useful, when you are planning your school’s research skill sequence across grade levels, as well as an individual grade level unit plan." Source: Langwitches Blog
  • S.O.S. for Information Literacy S.O.S. for Information Literacy is a dynamic web-based multimedia resource for educators that promises to make a significant contribution to enhancing the teaching of information literacy skills to students in K-16. The project is currently in its final stage of development in which S.O.S. is being expanded for use by high school and college level educators.

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All About Explorers

All About Explorers was developed by a group of teachers as a means of teaching students about the Internet. Although the Internet can be a tremendous resource for gathering information about a topic, we found that students often did not have the skills to discern useful information from worthless data. So we set out to develop a series of lessons for elementary age students in which we would demonstrate that just because it is out there for the searching does not mean it is worthwhile...Because we wanted to make a point about finding useless information even in a site which looked at first to be fairly well put together, all of the Explorer biographies here are fictional. While many of the facts are true or based on truth, many inaccuracies, lies, and even downright absurdity are mixed in indiscriminately."


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