Firefox Add-ons for Teacher Librarians

  • Add Art Replace annoying ads with artistic images.
  • Download Helper "Using DownloadHelper, you can easily save videos from most of the popular video sites."
  • Delicious Bookmarks Add to your Del.icio.us Bookmarks right from your browser.
  • Email Yourself "Email Yourself! allows you to email yourself the link, title, and a selected summary of the webpage you are viewing using GMail."

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100 Awesome Youtube Videos for Libraries


Free movie clips you may download to use in your church, school or other non-profit organization for FREE. Here is a sample clip about reading:


Embed sounds bites into your website. Here is a SouthPark clip about the Magic of Reading:

Online Stories

StoryNory free audio stories for kids.

Voicethread in Band?

We introduced Voicethread to our staff and one of our band instructors has utilized it in a cool way. She has created "Vodcasts" of the students using a Flip Video Camera so the students can see:
  • How to assemble an instrument
  • How they sound playing their instrument
  • How they look (posture, instrument positioning) playing their instrument

Check it out here: Mrs. Granite's Vodcasts

Margie McMahon and Tina Tomczak
Marshall Elementary School
Wexford (Pittsburgh), PA

PimpYour Wiki!

Here are some tips to add some "bling" to your wiki or website.
Getting Tricky With Wikis (@Lenva)
**Advanced Rapid Weaver** (@fuglefun)

Google Docs MANY Ways

20 Ways to Use Google Docs in Your Classroom (or Library)
View this for ideas that can be modified to library needs and more!

School News Crew Tools for the Shoestring Budget

Create your own free teleprompter for your news show or for creating quality videos where reading material is essential using online sources:
MovieClipBiz Teleprompter

external image teleprompter_autocue_hardware.jpg
Lighting made easy!
Download these directions, which will describe and provide pictures of lowcost tools to create studio quality lighting that can be portable for the anywhere, anytime video segment (i.e. roving reporter look).